Wednesday, January 23, 2013

episode 27: Pomme de Begin


Pattern prize drawing - Congrats to LittleSweetPea and SandraRum ! I've send you your prize.
I've officially swatched and cast on for Pomme de Pin! Current end date extended to = 3/31/13


Coming Attractions
Rhombi cardigan (I called it the Rapture Cardigan, but the yarn is called Rapture. The pattern is Rhombi.) :) I purchased my yarn from EatSleepKnit... I had a credit, so it wasn't as expensive. Yay, credits!
STITCHES WEST! - Current plans to go Thursday, and Friday and Saturday until I can't stand it anymore. :)

Shout Out
The Knitiots - cute podcast! I love their accents. Currently only on YouTube, but I can't wait to see more from them. Check 'em out!
The Fat Squirrel - I Love Amy Beth. That is all. :)
Swagbucks - fun site, search for points, and cash them in for prizes and gift cards ($5 Amazon GC is only 450SB!). Use my referral link, and I'll win matching Swagbucks anytime you win them up to 1000 SB. Refer your friends, and YOU will get matching swagbucks! :) (I earned 8 SwagBucks while searching so I could link things in the shownotes!! :D)

Don't forget to post your January FOs! The prize this month is this lovely skein of yarn from North Cabin Fiber Craft! :D

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

episode 26: from friend to disorganized FO

From fitterknitter: Calendar of Hope 2013
My apologies for the tardiness, but it supports a great cause. All proceeds, minus Paypal's cut, go to, which is a group who focuses on breast cancer research. Visit for more information and to download one of the patterns for free.

Thank you, mad79, for the lovely Fisherman's Net Cowl pattern!

Friend to FO: December 2012 winners drawn!
DIsorganized prize drawing! sorry! Next time I do more than one, I'll choose them before the show! lol PM me your address if you won yarn or with your chosen pattern up to $10.




Dawn from Knit Naturally is back with a new podcast! Check out The Organized Knitter. Welcome back, Dawn!

2012 by the Numbers
Socks: 15 pairs
Adult Sweaters: 4
Baby Sweaters: 2
Baby Hats: 1
Adult Hats: 3
Felted Clogs: 2 pairs
Cowls: 1
Shawls/Shawlettes: 3
Afghan Squares: 5
Misc (Toys, etc.): 3
Total Yardage Knit:  14,438 yds
Keep track of your yardage with KnitMeter! :)

2013 Plans
1) Buy a spinning wheel. Still not sure if it's going to be purchased at Stitches or some other time.
2) Knit some sweaters! Try for 5 (one more than last year) adult sweaters?
3) Knit more socks!! Especially stripey ones. :D
4) Knit more from stash... yeah, yeah, I said that last year and basically bought yarn at least once a week from Stitches through, like, September? lol.
5) Lose weight. I joined WW again, but I'm just doing the online thing for now.
6) Continue to work on my finances.

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I'm on instagram and twitter as hellolovely.